What is Creative Response Therapy™?


Creative Response Therapy™ (CRT) is an expressive art-based program for creative arts therapists, counselors, mental health workers, educators, geriatric caregivers and others who work with adults, children and seniors. using six visual art modalities:

  • Spontaneous Painting

  • Clay

  • Collage

  • Face Mask

  • Coloring Mandalas

  • Sand Mandalas

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CRT has been developed, taught and practiced for over 28 years by Cyntha Gonzalez, international lecturer and therapist.


Who is it for?

Creative Response Therapy™ is designed for use by art therapists as well as individual, family and couples therapists, addiction rehab counselors, senior caregivers, somatic trauma therapists, art teachers, school teachers, university professors of psychology and art therapy, veteran hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, bereavement counselors, and other professionals who work with children, adults and seniors.

Within those populations, it is highly effective in a variety of disciplines: education, special needs, inner child, complex trauma recovery, addiction recovery, couples counseling, grieving and bereavement, terminal illness and psychosomatic healing.


I participated in Cyntha’s Creative Response Therapy training where we worked with painting and constellation work. The training was so structured and organized wich made me feel very safe and it helped me really trust the process. I found it extremely powerful and healing. I experienced revealing truths and so much clarity came from the constellation work. It was truly an unforgettable and amazing experience.
— Lina Mansson Al Nusif, Yoga Teacher & Holistic Coach, Dubai, UAE
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Why should you use it?

Creative Response Therapy™ draws on diverse counseling modalities, including Constellation, Imago Therapy, Grief work, Co-dependency Recovery, Addiction Recovery and Trauma Release work.

With integrated video instruction and data collection tools, CRT is comprehensive in both in the practice of the art activity and the integration of the significant content revealed.  Additional exercises such as writing and guided visualization, verbal and nonverbal sharing are included for client sessions that incorporate these techniques.

Cyntha Gonzalez, creator and program author, trained in transpersonal psychology, somatic healing and a multitude of experiential therapies. She brings all this plus her 30-year experience working internationally with a wide variety of cultures and populations.  Cyntha's approach with Creative Response Therapy™ does not use conventional interpretation techniques. Rather, her facilitated integrative exercises of writing, guided visualization and sharing, support the participant in trusting their own self as to what the meaning is of most elements in the creative art piece.

I approached Cyntha’s CRT™ training course for personal and professional advancement. Her CRT™ method first invited hidden parts of my psyche to express themselves through several mediums, giving me an enjoyable, unleashing and insightful experience. Cyntha’s skillful integrative exercises further helped reveal much more about my artistic creation and its significance than I had initially understood. Cynthia has deep compassion for and a genuine interest in all her participants and combines this humane and caring approach with an unwavering commitment to serve their highest healing and learning. Her unique work has certainly been a key contributor to my living a more integrated, intentional and graceful life as well as to adding this creative, original and transformational modality to the coaching work I do with executives and corporate teams.
— Tom Young, MCC Executive Coach and Director of Spring Coaching, UAE

How does it work?


Delivered through our innovative UnitusTI cloud software.  Accessed from any device, anywhere in the world.

The Creative Response Therapy™ curriculum is delivered via subscription to the UnitusTI cloud. The therapy involves a process of assessment and the creation of an individual protocol specifically designed for the needs of the individual client.  With leading-edge data collection, staff and client management tools and the programs built right into UnitusTI, you can focus on the healing, anytime, anywhere. 

  • See instant data on your clients' progress and make informed decisions on their next steps

  • Provide reports and share relevant data securely with your staff and clients

  • Track staff performance and give them collaboration tools to keep your practice on track

  • Customizable data collection means you can track as much or as little as you need to keep your practice humming and your clients happy

Subscribe to UnitusTI, log in, load client data and begin working. Take data through any device or computer and share clients progress instantly with HIPAA/Ferpa friendly security.

Subscribe to UnitusTI, log in, load client data and begin working. Take data through any device or computer and share clients progress instantly with HIPAA/Ferpa friendly security.

I’m a professional artist living in Los Angeles where I attended one of Cyntha’s Creative Response Therapy workshops. I was a little skeptical when she instructed me to use my non-dominant hand, and move paint around with my hands. Once I gave up control it became a deeply emotional experience, giving me enormous insights into my own role within my family dynamic; it has given me a guide as to how to do it differently. Depending on how far you are prepared to let this unique and gifted healer take you, it is as rewarding as your experience will be. Each level of her process gave me great opportunities for my own personal growth. I highly recommend her work!
— Shelley Levy, Professional Artist and Art Teacher, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Creator of Creative Response Therapy™

Cyntha Gonzalez, creator of the Creative Response Therapy™

Cyntha Gonzalez began the creation of Creative Response Therapy™ in Paris, France in 1989, applying her background of Transpersonal Psychology and counseling, as well as non-ordinary states work, supporting the client to access deeper states of consciousness with the intention of healing and integration. She expanded the modalities beyond the initial Spontaneous Painting, to include Spontaneous Clay, Collage, Face Mask, Coloring Mandalas and Sand Mandalas. She also taught it in conjunction with Holotropic Breathwork, Constellation, Radical Forgiveness and Relationship workshops and her long-running yearlong Transpersonal Counseling Course. She initially taught private classes as well as trained medical practitioners throughout France, including psychologists, occupational therapists, geriatric and psychiatric nurses and special needs practitioners. She moved on to the UK and then the UAE, from where she is currently based and teaches this method throughout the Middle East, India, the Americas and Europe, both in person and online through Mundo Pato's Unitus TI Cloud platform. For more info on Cyntha: http://www.cynthagonzalez.com