Black and White Make for Shades of Grey

This is just a sad coincidence with the release of a movie by a similar name, but I realized as I was thinking about this week's post, that I have a habit of discussing a point and then it's counter point later in the same blog. This may seem that I am not in fact making any point at all but I don't think so. What I am trying to do is make the point that one is true AND the other is true...depending. Nothing in life is black or white but rather all those shades of grey.

No where is this more difficult to articulate than in reply to the question "How did it go?" After a group session. There is the easy answer of "we had fun," the incomplete answer that describes behavior, and the totally unhelpful, "good". I know at pick up, a parent often wants to know that there kid is still in one piece after being away from them for two hours. The thing is that as I am facilitating a group of learners, I am evaluating and reevaluating constantly as we proceed. I am asking questions of myself to determine the function of a behavior. I am monitoring my communication as well as holding myself back from doing all the work of communication for the learners. I am thinking of how to expand an activity or interaction in the next moment or in the next week.

In short, I am thinking about all the grey areas in between that really make up most of life. Yes, we appreciate the triumphs and successes. Yes we remember the lows and dark moments. But the majority of life is neither of those things. The majority of life is on the way to a success or out of a low spot. And therefore the majority of time that I spend with learners is the same thing. We are working out of a low spot or we are practicing again, the skill that is needed to get to a high point. This is not good but it is definitely not bad. It is just a shade of grey.