Our mission is to enable health and education specialists to better evaluate and
enrich clients who cannot regularly attend in-person sessions through motion
capture software which are based in music creation & interaction. Our vision is improving the quality of life for people through the intersection of music and technology.
— Point Motion Inc.


What is it?

Helping Friends is a music based interactive experience which is powered through Point Motion's motion capture technology to engage children and capture valuable data on their psycho motor development. This material is used within a curriculum to enrich and remotely measure the social, cognitive, and motor development of a child, particularly for those with developmental delays or conditions such as Autism.

Helping Friends in UnitusTI

Helping Friends in UnitusTI

Helping Friends in UnitusTI - using motion capture to collect data automatically

Helping Friends in UnitusTI - using motion capture to collect data automatically



Who is it for?

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For therapists, Helping Friends allows for a non-invasive music based therapy that can simultaneously measure the impact of existing treatments. This way, a therapist can see the progressive impact over time that treatments have on patients. For research groups, Helping Friends helps with measuring the affect of prescription medications, and is the most cost efficient method of gathering data on large populations without the need for expensive and breakable hardware.

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For psychiatrists and psychologists, Helping Friends allows for an efficient means of measuring their client's response to new medicines or new dosages. Many of the opioids and prescribed medicines for children cause long-term effects which can be identified earlier by progressively tracking patient engagement via their interactions using the Helping Friends material after taking their prescribed medication. This would also do well to reinforce and track compliance.

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For teachers, Helping Friends is a valuable tool for developing and evaluating a child's psychomotor skills during key growth periods, without personally running resource demanding tests. In music education, this is especially valuable as a tool for reinforcing and tracking skill sets in core music standards.

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As an additional stakeholder, parents and guardians are an important part of why Helping Friends is so valuable. Parents need ways to be more proactive and accurate in how they report their child's development. This tool allows them to do this, and rather then feel helpless as to how they can produce valuable information for a health/education specialist, Point Motion can be used at home to present an enriching and functional outcome, and will welcome music as a part of their medical/educational journey.


Why should you use it?


A shortage of specialists (music therapists, pediatric specialists, etc.) has affected the ability to deliver care, with wait lists for a developmental specialist spanning between 6 months - 1 year. For that reason, specialists are evolving their handwritten assessments to digital materials which can be administered remotely, similar to Telehealth.


How does it work?

Delivered through the UnitusTI electronic data records cloud

Access from any device, anywhere in the world


Doctors select which motions they would like their client to perform, either by selecting pre-loaded gestures, or creating a customized set by taking snapshots of themselves in the desired pose. They may also select the music, instruments, and other elements in play during the user's interactive experience.

From there, a child, whether in person or at home with a guardian, signs onto their Point Motion user account via web browser on any digital device with a built in camera (i.e. laptop, tablet, computer) and is asked to repeat the previously designated series of movement in which triggers music, sounds, and/or rhythmic beats.

Data on interactions such as reaction time, motor function, attention span, and success rate are recorded and automatically reported to UnitusTI where the specialist can utilize said data for reports and specialized decision making.

UnitusTI Platform Functionality

The Helping Friends program is delivered via subscription to the UnitusTI electronic data records (EDR) cloud.  

Leading-edge data collection, staff and client management tools and program templates are built right into UnitusTI. 

  • See instant data and quickly graph progress to make informed decisions

  • Provide reports and share relevant data securely with others

  • Track staff performance and give them collaboration tools to keep your practice on track

  • Customizable data collection means you can track as much or as little as you need to keep business humming and your clients happy

UnitusTI capabilities include:

Assessments |   Programs   |   Curricula   |   Data Acquisition Types   |   Program Maintenance   |  Target Maintenance   |   Pre-defined Reports   |   Customizable Reports   |   Service Code Tracking   |   Graphing   |  Calendar   |   Internal Messaging   |   Document Storage   |   Session Tracking   |   Interactive Materials   |   Role-based Access   |   Multimedia   |   Automatic Backups   |  Billing Prep   |   Real-time Data Monitoring


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About the Author


KEVIN CLARK, CEO AND FOUNDER, Point Motion Control Inc.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2015 with a double major in Jazz Composition & Film Scoring, Clark founded his first company, Point Motion. Clark's passion for music found its purpose when he developed this motion control technology which allows users to create music through the movement of their body. Receiving a patent for his technology, winning numerous awards and being recognized around the US for the uniquely innovative solution combining music, health, and technology, Clark continues to inspire many people with his dedication to problem solving and finding purpose through music.

Kevin Clark also provides Music Productions and Consultation Resources to empower a community of rising artists who benefit from his experience as an artist turned entrepreneur.

“It’s about the Music”, Clark summarizes his journey.



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