What is LogosEvals?


LogosEvals© is the cloud solution for supervisors and HR professionals to collect and prepare employee evaluation data for performance management. 

LogosEvals does what has not been accessible before: immediate, paperless employee performance tracking that includes the employee's goals, observation notes to take easily, and instant graphs and reports. These allow the supervisor to have more frequent and meaningful discussions with employees about their efforts, strengths and next-steps improvements.


Who is the program for?


LogosEvals is the perfect performance management tool for any supervisor or HR professional in literally any industry. All supervisors in all industries need to assess their employees' goal progress. Employees deserve better communication about how they are performing, so LogosEvals is for employees, also.

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Why should you use it?


Set Employee Goals  |  Track Performance  |  Increase Productivity

LogosEvals allows for quick and limitless data to be obtained per employee, increasing the supervisor's time efficiency while improving employee recognition of how they "stack up" in their work. Employee satisfaction and retention can improve as LogosEvals is readily accessible to employees and supervisors alike. Supervisors track improvement toward annual goals, and employees can see their gains. LogosEvals supports your company's return on investment (ROI) as supervisors and employees will spend far fewer hours trying to prepare for the usual, dreaded evaluation meeting each year. Productivity will increase and makes the supervisor-supervisee discussion much more objective and solution-focused.

  1. Fast ROI since more frequent employee feedback (knowledge of how they are progressing) allows employees to have fact-based goals to meet.

  2. Supervisors don't have to dread the email reminders to conduct annual evaluations. Their LogosEvals data is up-to-date and ready to be shared. This makes the annual evaluation discussion a true employee development meeting.

  3. No paper. No more digging through a manila folder or spiral notebook to find anecdotal "evidence" of an employee's goodness or badness.

  4. Employee evaluations can now be based on fact, not opinion; what is observed, not falsely or inaccurately remembered from months ago.


How does it work?


Delivered through our innovative UnitusTI cloud software.  Access from any device, anywhere in the world.

Assigned users (e.g. Human Resource Managers, Supervisors, etc.) log in on their computer or mobile device to their encrypted account and immediately begin taking data on any employee's goals. The goal progress is saved on their account so the supervisor can show the employee the progress of their goals throughout the year, not just during the yearly evaluation meeting.

The LogosEvals program is delivered via subscription to the UnitusTI cloud.  With leading-edge data collection, staff management tools and program customization built right into UnitusTI, you can focus on making progress, anytime, anywhere. 

  • See instant data on your employees' progress and make informed decisions on next steps

  • Provide reports and share relevant data securely with defined user-level permissions

  • Track staff performance and give them collaboration tools to keep your practice on track

  • Customizable data collection means you can track as much or as little as you need to


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Creator of the LogosEvals program

Bret Mixon - LogosEvals

Bret Mixon, LogosEvals Program Author

Mr. Mixon's broad career in the fields of human resources management and the behavior sciences has spanned over 24 years. His work has led to the development of new leaders in education and the private sector, improved employee-employer relationships, and greater organizational capacities to deal with human endeavors that get overlooked. Bret has also instructed at the collegiate level specific to behavioral approaches in autism spectrum intervention, and to organizational behavior management in the workplace.

As both organizational leader and practitioner, and as an independent consultant for private and non-profit institutions, Bret has focused on developing innovative ways to improve products and services offered to customers. In particular, Bret has witnessed far too many supervisors struggle with conducting annual employee evaluation meetings because they cannot remember what the employee did over the course of a year. LogosEvals was born out of Bret's knowledge that people want to do their best when they work, and that supervisors need to give their employees data-based feedback.