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UnitusTI Cloud Subscriptions

Choose one of the plans below to start your subscription to Unitus Therapy Intelligence.  Your monthly subscription includes personalized training to get your organization up and running.  Choose a Basic Subscription to get the benefit of UnitusTI without a curriculum or program included.  Or, choose from any of the curricula or programs below and UnitusTI is automatically included!  

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UnitusTI© Basic Subscription

The basic UnitusTI monthly subscription gives you access to all the tools in UnitusTI including state of the art data collection, reporting and charting, administrative organization and communication. Upload your own curriculum or program and your office and client data and you're ready to start working from the cloud. Take data, manage staff, communicate, run programs and create reports from anywhere you have a data or internet connection.


ASCEND© ABA curriculum

ASCEND© (Advanced Systematic Curriculum for Early Neural Development) is a BCBA designed, fully functional, out of the box curriculum for use in ABA therapy centers, delivered through our innovative UnitusTI cloud software to give you the complete solution for automating your center and communicating a learner's progress to the educators, caregivers and therapists that need to know.


Meet In The Music (MITM)© music therapy curriculum

Meet In The Music©is a curriculum with a broad range of options that will allow you to instantly professionalize your music therapy practice. With built-in program templates, Qualitative and Quantitative data analysis and treatment plans that can be tailored to each client’s ability level, MITM includes all of the major components required for a modern practice.   


Verbal Behavior Curriculum VBC™

The Verbal Behavior Curriculum VBC™ is an innovative learning tool that addresses specific language delays, teaches prerequisite and basic language skills and allows you, the educator, to build more advanced language skills in your students. 

Based on over 30 years of research, the VBC is full of easy-to-use features that are customizable to individual educational needs and learning pace.

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Styer-Fitzgerald Program© for Functional Academics

Created by teachers for teachers, the Styer-Fitzgerald Program is the key to special education. The easy-to-administer Assessment links directly to the Curriculum, providing a comprehensive approach to teaching functional skills to students with moderate to severe disabilities, including autism. The Program encourages students to be as independent as possible while eliminating repetitive busy work.


Kintla Yoga Therapy® programs (2 in 1!)

The Kintla Yoga Therapy® program  offers cloud-based training and tools for professionals who want to incorporate trauma-informed yoga therapy into their mental health therapy sessions.  

The Kintla Yoga Therapy® Self-Care program offers essential self-care practices for mental health care providers and for corporations dedicated to employee wellness.  

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Sorensensistem™ Reflexology programs

The Sorensensistem™ Reflexology programs are researched programs developed over 40 years, taught and practiced by Lone Sorensen, international lecturer and pioneer of the neuro reflex therapy system.  

The Sorensensistem™ Reflexology programs have protocols for treating Autism, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis.  With each program comes an easy to follow informational template, a sequence of exercises to implement and video guides and diagrams. 



Materials Bundle #1 + Video Library