June 19, 2017: UnitusTI update 6.02


  • When managing programs, users now have the ability to edit the program notes section after the assignment process has been completed, allowing for greater use and functionality of that feature.  From your client's program management page, select "Edit Configuration" and mouse over to the new tab labeled "Notes".  Change your notes as much as you'd like by adding or editing the text in the box, then save your changes by clicking "Store Changes" at the top right of the screen:

Your newly edited notes can now be seen by line staff as they run the program with their client.  Our video tutorial "Changing Parameters" has been updated to include this new feature - please feel free to contact the support team with any questions you may have.

  • For discrete trial programs, the maximum number of trials for which a program can be configured has been increased to 100.
  • When creating and updating program templates, you can now enter up to 20 tags to improve searchability in your template catalog:

  • The character limit for program targets has been increased to 100 characters, and the limit for a target's description has been increased to 300 characters.  Happy creating!


Stay tuned for more new developments that will be released to our users over the next few months; as always, the support team is standing by to answer your questions.  Submit a support ticket from within the UnitusTI platform.