December 22, 2016: UnitusTI update 5.2

12/22/16  UnitusTI 5.2

  • We have made a small change to our session time-out policy that will keep users logged in to UnitusTI as long as their browser remains open.  In mobile devices, the session will not time out as long as your device is "awake".
  • Several new fields have been added to the Client Information page to help make your client records as comprehensive as possible.  See the attached PDF for a list of fields that have been added, as well as their location in the client info page.  None of the new fields are required; please feel free to contact the Support Team with any questions.
  • We have made some exciting new improvements to the Program List and Information Filter reports:

In the Program List Report:

  • Users can now filter the list by execution date, allowing them to review all programs that were run in a given time frame (up to a year at a time).
  • In the Information Filter:
  • Users have the option to include both center and client demographic information in the report
  • Users can now opt to include the dates of service (generated from calendar events), as well as dates when a session was cancelled
  • Program comments can now be hand-selected to appear in the Information Filter report (for example, you might want to omit a program comment that was created when cancelling a partial execution)
  • The averages for each program executed within the given time frame can now be included in this report; this total is calculated from all of the scored responses for all targets that were executed within the date range

The Information Filter can still be exported to a PDF, Word doc or Excel sheet; if you plan to add additional comments or edits to the report once it has been exported, we recommend exporting to Excel.  The design team has plans to improve this report further in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more news and updates!


A video describing the new features of the Information Filter can be viewed here; the Support Team is standing by as always to answer your questions.  You can submit a support ticket from within the UnitusTI application itself, or you can email the team directly at


Happy holidays, and a joyous new year!