October 9, 2018: UnitusTI Updates (Version 6.7): Zones, Editing Session Note Dates, and More!

UnitusTI Version 6.7 - Sapphire Edition

Here are the latest and greatest updates to UnitusTI:


Zones in UnitusTI

We are proud to introduce our zones feature, which gives you the ability to isolate groups of users and clients in your UnitusTI centers; perhaps you want to isolate the different classrooms in your school, or your practice serves clients across several counties and each needs to be separate from the other.  Our support team has put together some helpful video tutorials, including a best practices video; check them out at the links below. 

Help docs:

  • Zones Best Practices - describes zones in a bit more detail and answers some questions that you may have regarding implementing zones in your UnitusTI account. 

  • Security Roles - updated copy of our security roles matrix, which outlines just who is able to create, manage, and assign clients and users to zones.


Help videos:

Create and Manage Zones

Assigning Users to Zones

Assigning Clients to Zones

Zones Best Practices


If you have any questions about this new feature, please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket, and the support team will be happy to help.

Session Notes and Program Comments

Also included in this release are some updates to the Session Notes and Program Comments features; has your staff ever come to you in a panic because they forgot to create a session note for their session last week?  Now, users with administrative status can edit the dates of both session notes and program comments to accurately reflect the dates of service.  Admins, look for this icon in the session notes and program comments pages to change the date:



We've added four new prompts to our master prompts list - we hope they are useful for you!



-No opportunity

-Did not observe


Program Maintenance

When configuring program maintenance for a mastered program, you'll now see this confirmation dialog appear before the maintenance configuration is finalized.  This alert lets you know that once the configuration is saved, the maintenance frequency will not be able to be changed, so you'll want to take care to review the frequency schedule before saving changes.

If you have any questions about the features included in this new version of UnitusTI, please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket from within UnitusTI, or email the Support Team directly at unitustisupport@mundopato.com.