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November 14, 2018: UnitusTI Updates (ver. 6.7.1)

Here are the latest updates from Mundo Pato and UnitusTI!

If you've ever wished that you could assign specific program lists to specific users, we have great news for you! We are excited to roll out our program list restriction feature, which allows you to designate which users are able to run certain program lists. For example, you may want your client's parent or guardian to be able to run a home program list, but you don't want them to be able to access the lists of programs that are run in center or with an RBT or therapist - the list restriction feature can help you accomplish this. Check out our video tutorial here, and feel free to contact the support team with any questions you may have.


More exciting features are on the way in the coming weeks - stay tuned for more updates!


As always, our support team is standing by to answer any questions you may have - submit a support ticket from within the UnitusTI platform, or email us directly at


Have a great day!

July 20, 2018: UnitusTI Updates (version 6.6)

Good morning!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our long-awaited assessment module!  This complex module will allow you to create your own assessments, map the results and questions to your own programs and generate a suggested list of programs for each client based on their results.  Stay tuned for assessments developed by the authors of your subscribed curriculum!  Attached you'll find a PDF that will answer some of the questions that you might have about what the assessment module can do; please feel free to contact the support team for any other questions that you have about the capability of this exciting new development!

Video tutorials for the assessment module can be found here, as well as linked directly inside UnitusTI.  We look forward to your feedback!

In addition to the exciting news of the assessment module, we are also happy to announce that prompts assignments can now be edited after the program assignment process has been completed!  Check out this new option in the Edit Configuration page for your client's programs.

Additionally, we have increased the character limit in Session Notes to 5000 characters.

We've also added three new prompts to our master prompts list to further enhance your data collection options:

  • Indirect Verbal Prompt (IVP)

  • 1 Redirection (1R)

  • 2 Redirections (2R)

  • 3 Redirections (3R)

March 1, 2018: UnitusTI updates (version 6.4)

Here are the latest and greatest updates to UnitusTI:


Assigning Users to Clients

We are thrilled to announce that we have heard your requests - you can now assign users to a new client right from the client creation page!  Never again will you enter a new client and save their information, only to wonder why they don't instantly appear in the client list - you can create and assign a client all in the same page!

Once you enter the required information to save a new client, click "Save" at the top of the screen, then scroll down to the tab labeled "Team Members" and select the button labeled "Add Team Members":

Select all applicable users from your current user list, including yourself, and you're ready to start programming for this client!

Our video tutorial "Adding a Center Client" has been updated to include this new feature; check it out here: Adding a Center Client.

Clients can still be assigned to newly created users from the User List page; see our tutorial Client Assignment to see examples of both methods of allowing user access to client information.  If you have questions about this new development, please do not hesitate to reach out to the support team by creating a support ticket from within the UnitusTI application.


Even More Information in the Information Filter

The Information Filter has been updated with an option to include the cumulative percentage of client responding in a given reporting period; this is in addition to our existing capability that allows you to include the average results from that same reporting period!  To add this information to your report, select your specified dates of program execution in the Program List Report for your client, then click over to the Information Filter:

Enable the average results and/or cumulative percentage and click "Apply Filters":

Listed with the information for each program are the calculations that you selected in the filter:

Check out our updated Information Filter tutorial to get the full scoop: Information Filter, and do not hesitate to reach out to the support team with any questions you might have!

Helpful Videos and Tool Tips

Need a refresher on that End Session button?  Wondering how to assign a program with descending duration data collection?  Throughout UnitusTI, we've placed links to related tutorial videos to help you troubleshoot issues and get your questions answered quickly.  Just look for the blue icon with a question mark:

Select a video topic, and the video will launch in a pop-up window right in your browser; no need to navigate to a different webpage to watch the video:

We have also embedded tooltips throughout the UnitusTI platform; hold your mouse over an icon or button to see a description of what that button does:

You can also hover your mouse over various text areas throughout the application to get a little more information about what certain words or phrases mean:

The support team is standing by to answer your questions about these new features, as well as any other questions you may have about the UnitusTI platform.  Please feel free to submit a support ticket from within the UnitusTI application, and one of our support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.


September 11, 2017: UnitusTI Version 6.1

Program Management

We are proud to announce that we have released a highly requested new feature that allows you to move programs between program lists in the Manage Programs page.  With this feature, you can create a list only for mastered or discontinued programs, or move a program from a structured 1:1 environment to a more natural setting for continued practice and generalization.  The possibilities are endless!  The ability to move programs between program lists is available for users with administrative, high level and medium level access.  Check out our video tutorial for this feature here, and be sure to let our support team know if you have any questions.


Elsewhere in the Create Programs section, you'll see the following changes:

(click to make image larger)

  • The list of categories in the Categories Page can now be sorted by name for easy location of a specific category to make edits 
  • When deleting a skill category, a pop-up confirmation dialog has been added to prevent the accidental removal of a category


Center Information and User List

  • Have you ever mistakenly added a session note to the wrong client's file?  Included in this release is the ability for users with administrative access to remove erroneous session notes in order to protect client confidentiality.  You can watch a brief tutorial on this feature here; the support team is standing by to answer any questions you may have!
  • A search feature has been added to the User List page, allowing for easier location of specific user accounts to reset passwords and make updates to the user information:


  • A category designation has been added to the service codes feature; you can now indicate whether a code is related to a service provided, an administrative function, or a client's diagnosis.  An updated service codes video tutorial can be seen here; please do not hesitate to reach out to the support team with any questions!


We have many more exciting new features in the works for the coming months; stay tuned to your email for more updates!  As always, the support team is standing by to answer any questions you may have about the features described above or any areas of UnitusTI.  You can contact the support team by creating a support ticket within the UnitusTI application, or you can email us directly at

April 21, 2017: UnitusTI update 6.01

If you've ever wanted to include a video demonstration of a skill in a template for your staff to reference, we have great news!  We've now introduced a video-linking ability for program templates in UnitusTI, which allows you to link to videos hosted on YouTube and play those videos without navigating away from UnitusTI.  Videos can be accessed when reviewing the template in the Program Catalog, as well as when running programs.

The Video Reference option is located in the extra fields drop-down menu in the program template:


We've created a video tutorial that describes how to add video links to your templates; please do not hesitate to contact the support team with any questions you may have!

February 6, 2017: UnitusTI update 6.0

Mundo Pato is thrilled to announce some exciting new updates that have been deployed in UnitusTI!  We are always striving to improve functionality for you, our users, and we hope that you will love these new updates as much as we do!  If you have any questions about the features described below, please do not hesitate to contact the support team by creating a support ticket from within UnitusTI.

This is a major release, and while we have done extensive quality assurance testing on the features described below, we are releasing it under beta to ensure a smooth transition to gold status.  This release will remain in beta for the next three months.

On the login page, a "forgot password" button has been added; this feature allows users to request a link to reset their password in the event that they become locked out of their account.  This will save valuable therapeutic time, as staff who are in session will be able to quickly regain access to their UnitusTI accounts without needing to contact a supervisor to unlock the account.  **To use the forgot password feature, users must have a valid email address listed in the email field of their user profile; user profile pages can be updated by administrators or users with the "user manager" security role.

The Program Templates section of UnitusTI is where you'll find the most substantial changes and the ones that we are the most excited to share with you:

  • Non-required template fields (subtitle, prerequisites, materials, procedure, and consequence) have been moved to a drop-down menu at the top of the template to create a cleaner look; to add one or more of those fields, click the drop-down and select the fields you want to add.
  • Users can now add custom fields to their templates that allow them to give even more information in the template; for example, you might list teaching strategies, tips to remember, generalization suggestions, etc., here.  Up to 10 fields can be added and the fields can be edited at any time.
  • "Additional Procedure" has been re-titled to "Supplemental Information"; when creating a new template, the template must be saved before any relevant docs or images can be attached to the template.
  • A field for template tags has been added, allowing you to enter keywords about the template that will increase searchability in the program catalog.
  • Templates can be deactivated at any time if you'd like to prevent them from being assigned to a client; if a template is deactivated while actively in progress with a client, that program will still appear in their program list and users will still be able to run the program and record data. 
  • Templates can be cloned to create exact copies in order to make changes to an existing template (e.g., creating a receptive program that is identical to an expressive one).  Templates tied to your curriculum subscription cannot be edited but can be cloned.  If a subscription template is currently being used with a client and you want to make changes, you have the option to "clone with data", which means that an editable clone will be created and the existing data will "travel" to that new template.  No client data will be lost in this process.

Some relevant video tutorials are linked below; please contact the Support Team with any questions you may have.


Program library

Finally, we are happy to introduce to you our Program Library feature, which will allow you to check for and merge updates to templates included in your subscribed curricula.  The Program Library is linked to our Publishing Home platform (beta), which was created as a place for curriculum authors to update their program templates and publish new versions of those templates to the users who have subscribed to the curriculum.  This allows you to ensure that you have the most updated version of a program template to implement in your practice.  Your Program Library can be accessed by clicking "Program Templates" in the main menu of UnitusTI; in your library, you'll see the curricula to which you have subscribed, as well as information about other curricula offered by Mundo Pato.  If you would like to learn more about any of the other curricula that we offer, contact the Support Team and we will be happy to put you in touch with our sales team.

Curricula have been grouped into "Packages"; to see updates for your curriculum, click "Check for updates" in the package information pane.  Within the package information pane, you can review the changes that have been made to each template and choose whether or not you'd like to merge the template.  If you have made edits to a template that is part of a curriculum package, a "clean" copy of that curriculum template has already been added to your account in order for you to receive new versions; any edits that you have made are retained in the original template, now labeled as a custom template in your template catalog.

The integration of the Program Library and Publishing Home features into UnitusTI has been a long process, but one that we believe will offer our users increased functionality in the UnitusTI platform.  We welcome your feedback about this beta release as we work to perfect these features, and the Support Team is standing by to answer your questions.

January 5, 2017: UnitusTI update 5.2.1

Here are the latest updates to UnitusTI!  Please read on for some important information regarding your account and program templates:

Program template clone feature:

We are thrilled to be able to release to you a brand new feature in the Program Templates section of UnitusTI: template cloning.  If you have ever wished you make an exact duplicate of an existing program template to use as a skeleton for a new program, this feature is for you.  When you select a template to edit, you’ll now see a button labeled “Clone” in the top right of the screen; clicking this button will create a brand new template that contains the exact same information as the original.  Any additional materials that had been uploaded to the original template will also be transferred to the clone.  Make any changes you would like to the new template, click save, and your newly created template will appear at the end of the program list in your catalog.  A brief demonstration video can be viewed here, and the support team is standing by to answer any questions you might have about this new feature - you can submit a support ticket from within the UnitusTI application, or simply reply to this message.

Upcoming program template changes:

The Mundo Pato team is preparing to introduce a major upgrade to the program template functionality in the next few weeks; among other things, you will soon be able to upload multiple additional procedure materials and create custom fields within your templates.  In the coming days, our technical team will be making some modifications to the templates in your account tied to the curricula that you purchased along with your UnitusTI subscription (ASCEND, Verbal Behavior Curriculum, Meet in the Music, etc).  The major changes that will occur in your account are as follows:

  • Original curriculum templates that have not been altered or edited in any way will no longer be editable; however, you will be able to clone the template to make changes for your own preferences
  • If you have edited an original curriculum template, those changes will remain; however, a “clean copy” will also be added to your UnitusTI account and the template type will be changed to “VBC(Custom)” to denote that it was originally derived from a curriculum template.
  • Clean copies of templates will not be editable (again, these restricted templates can be cloned to make changes)
  • If an original curriculum template (with no changes) is assigned to a current program execution, that template will be restricted from editing, but users will have the option to clone the template with existing data (see attached screenshot); that is, the template will be cloned and current data linked to a student will be retained and will “travel” to the new template.

These new changes are occurring because curriculum authors will soon be able to make updates to their original curriculum templates, and those updates will be made available to users upon publishing; however, the clean copies are required in order for updates to be received appropriately.

If you would like specific information about which templates in your UnitusTI program catalog will be affected and the changes that will be made, please contact the support team and they can provide that information to you.  Please be assured that no data or changes to templates will be lost in this transition.

Please feel free to contact the support team with any questions or comments that you might have on these new developments; the above-named template changes will take place in your UnitusTI account next week.  We will send a follow-up message to confirm when the changes have taken place.

December 22, 2016: UnitusTI update 5.2

12/22/16  UnitusTI 5.2

  • We have made a small change to our session time-out policy that will keep users logged in to UnitusTI as long as their browser remains open.  In mobile devices, the session will not time out as long as your device is "awake".
  • Several new fields have been added to the Client Information page to help make your client records as comprehensive as possible.  See the attached PDF for a list of fields that have been added, as well as their location in the client info page.  None of the new fields are required; please feel free to contact the Support Team with any questions.
  • We have made some exciting new improvements to the Program List and Information Filter reports:

In the Program List Report:

  • Users can now filter the list by execution date, allowing them to review all programs that were run in a given time frame (up to a year at a time).
  • In the Information Filter:
  • Users have the option to include both center and client demographic information in the report
  • Users can now opt to include the dates of service (generated from calendar events), as well as dates when a session was cancelled
  • Program comments can now be hand-selected to appear in the Information Filter report (for example, you might want to omit a program comment that was created when cancelling a partial execution)
  • The averages for each program executed within the given time frame can now be included in this report; this total is calculated from all of the scored responses for all targets that were executed within the date range

The Information Filter can still be exported to a PDF, Word doc or Excel sheet; if you plan to add additional comments or edits to the report once it has been exported, we recommend exporting to Excel.  The design team has plans to improve this report further in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more news and updates!


A video describing the new features of the Information Filter can be viewed here; the Support Team is standing by as always to answer your questions.  You can submit a support ticket from within the UnitusTI application itself, or you can email the team directly at


Happy holidays, and a joyous new year!