The Verbal Behavior Curriculum VBC™

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Where the science of behavior combines with the art of teaching.
— Dr. Gladys Williams, author of the Verbal Behavior Curriculum

What is the Verbal Behavior Curriculum VBC™?

The VBC is a fully functional, out of the box, customizable curriculum for use in your therapy practice.  The curriculum includes a complete description of short and long-term goals and specifies instructional procedures in detail, including the ordering of composite, compound and complex skill development.  It provides a baseline for the management of a complex field of behavioral programming focused on establishing generative language capacity and includes elements of Direct Instruction (DI), Precision Teaching (PT) and Relational Frame Theory (RFT). Overall, the VBC provides an objective operation plan for delivering programming intended to move learners from an initial level of capacities and competencies to a fluent, broad language capacity.



Who is it for?

The Verbal Behavior Curriculum VBC™ is used by a variety of professionals to perform ABA therapy for clients of all ages.

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How does it work?


Delivered through our innovative Unitus Therapy Intelligence cloud software. Access from any device, anywhere in the world.

The curriculum is delivered through the Unitus Therapy Intelligence (UnitusTI) cloud software.  Log in, load your client data and begin teaching. No need for pen and paper any longer, you can take data right into any device or computer and share clients progress instantly with HIPAA friendly security.  

The Verbal Behavior Curriculum VBC™ is pre-installed in the UnitusTI system and comes ready to use.  The curriculum is based on a scope-and-sequence that allows parents and service providers to know exactly what skills and capacities will be taught.  Teaching protocols are written to ensure ease of understanding and implementation by public and private school practitioners.


Why should you use it?

The Verbal Behavior Curriculum VBC™ has been developed and refined for over 30 years in the field of autism and special education with hundreds of children, and is a proven, successful curriculum in therapy practice today that can immediately help you measure and validate your treatment plan. 

The VBC curriculum is directly tied to standard verbal behavior assessment tools such as VB-MAPP and the ABLLS-R, with reference to the common core curriculum.  It is designed to teach components/composite skills in a scope and sequence that progresses learners from simple to complex language abilities and is well grounded in applied, experimental and verbal behavior research published by leading professionals, including the authors.

References to some of the published studies that validate the individual protocols of the VBC can be found here.


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Creator of the Verbal Behavior Curriculum VBC™

Gladys Williams, Ed.D. ABA

Dr. Gladys Williams is a specialist in curriculum design and verbal behavior with a doctoral degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Columbia University. Recognized internationally, Dr. Williams has received several awards for her contribution to the field of special education and created effective programs for children with autism and learning disabilities in the US, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil. She is currently on the board of several behavior analysis journals and is an active member of the Association of Behavior Analysis International. Gladys has been recognized globally for her many years of research published in peer reviewed journals