What is the ASCEND curriculum?

ASCEND© (Advanced Systematic Curriculum for Early Neural Development) is a BCBA designed compilation of skills for use in ABA therapy centers, delivered through our innovative UnitusTI cloud software to give you the complete solution for automating your center and communicating a learner's progress to the educators, caregivers and therapists that need to know.  

 A.S.C.E.N.D.  Advanced Systematic Curriculum for Early Neural Development

ASCEND is a comprehensive compilation of skills that are commonly used when treating children on the Autism Spectrum.  ASCEND is for the BCBA that does not like to recreate the wheel and save time but wants the flexibility to use the data collection and procedures they prefer.  Program templates are built as a scaffolding for individualized programming.  Individual templates are general in nature so that they can be used with a variety of skill levels,data collection types and tailored to each clients individual treatment plan.  Target lists are extensive so that you can select the ones relevant to the individual.  

ASCEND is compatible with many assessments including the ABLLS and VB-MAPP.  


Who is it for?

  • ABA therapy centers

  • Schools with children with autism and other special education needs

  • Autism therapists and home care givers

  • Autism consultants


How does it work?

ASCEND© is an ABA therapy curriculum with a broad range of options that will allow you to instantly professionalize your autism therapy practice. The ASCEND© curriculum is easy to implement and includes all of the major components required for a modern practice, such as unique mapping to guide practitioners through a visual sequence of building blocks per domain. It has built-in templates for programming individual learners and suggests intervention plans. It includes a wide scope and sequence of skill sets across many domains. 

The ASCEND curriculum, delivered through the UnitusTI electronic data records cloud system, helps therapists and educators gain genuine insight into the mountains of program data, while also providing progress analysis to parents, caregivers and other providers (with customized access levels to secure information) to collaborate on meaningful conclusions that will make a difference in a child’s life.


Why should you use it?

The most important question when treating persons with special needs and Autism is: “Are we making progress?” The best way to find the answer to this pressing question is to ensure that the curricula and programs being executed are valid for the client and producing accurate results. With UnitusTI, monitoring data acquisition, analysis, depuration, reporting and measuring results has become a real-time reality.

ASCEND© has been BCBA developed for over 10 years and is a proven, successful curriculum in ABA therapy centers around the world, today.  If you don't have a curriculum or are using a variety of methods, start now to streamline and unite your practice with the combined power of UnitusTI and ASCEND©.

 Data is recorded instantly allowing therapists to create error-free graphs and reports and analyze progress in minutes.

Data is recorded instantly allowing therapists to create error-free graphs and reports and analyze progress in minutes.


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