“An individual will always integrate new information and skills when there is inner motivation and curiosity.  Music can be the built in reward.”

Esther Thane, BMT, MTA, AVPT |  Creator of MITM


What is it?

Meet In The Music© (MITM) is a fully functional, out of the box, customizable curriculum for use in your music therapy practice.  It includes customizable program templates, downloadable sheet music, video demonstrations and a wide scope and sequence of skill sets across many domains and built-in program templates.

Meet In The Music©is a curriculum with a broad range of options that will allow you to instantly professionalize your music therapy practice. MITM is easy to implement and includes all of the major components required for a modern practice. It has built-in program templates (music therapy interventions: both improvisation based and structured) for programming individual learners. Both Qualitative and Quantitative data can be collected for analysis.  Treatment plans can be created from program templates, tailored to each client’s ability level and designed to utilize personal strengths, motivations, and interests.

Included in the MITM curriculum is the relaxation program "Rooted in Music". 

For the child with Autism and their family, there is often daily stress of navigating through the challenges of interaction and overwhelming sensory input.  Providing opportunities to simply “be” in the moment and live in the rhythm for a while can help a child feel calmer, more relaxed, reduce anxiety and bring attention and focus to body and mind. This is an excellent resource for therapists, interventionists, parents, caregivers and any other members of a child’s treatment team. Enjoy this resource along with a child or for yourself!

I don’t usually use relaxation recordings in my practice, but Esther Thane’s Rooted in Music recording is an exception. Esther’s recordings work! The piano music and the sound of Esther’s voice are soothing and calming. I have used her recordings and found them to be very effective in helping anxious clients relax. I am thrilled they are included in her MITM curriculum for others to experience!
— Dr. Diane Austin, ACMT, LCAT, Director of the Music Psychotherapy Center in NYC, NY

*Meet In The Music© (MITM) is owned and copyrighted by the program author and is provided by Mundo Pato Inc. as an optional, 3rd party add-on to the UnitusTI electronic data records cloud service. For subscription information, please book a free demo or contact sales@mundopato.com.


Who is it for?

The Meet In The Music© (MITM) curriculum is for any music therapist in an organization or private practice using music to connect with children who have autism or other special education needs.

I have seen much improvement in my son through the M.I.T.M curriculum, he is more interactive, playful, and interested in music. Music is now an important part of how he perceives the world around him.
— John Seminerio, parent of child with Autism

Why should you use it?

Meet In The Music© has been developed and refined for over 18 years in the field of autism and special education with hundreds of children, and is a proven, successful curriculum in music therapy practice today that can immediately help you measure and validate your treatment plan.
— Esther Thane, BMT, MTA, AVPT |  Creator of MITM | Executive Director of ET Music Therapy
With MITM, my daughter responds on a different level… it speaks to her heart. I see it touching many different areas that she needs to work on: eye contact, social skills, bi-lateral integration, lots of sensory needs are being met, her ability to focus and calm herself. It’s just so seamless. She’s really her most happy and authentic self in these experiences.
— Sandra Doyle, parent of child with autism
I LOVE so many of your songs and interventions….you’re such a GREAT songwriter and I can tell you have a Nordoff Robins background when it comes to improvisation and chord structures….I don’t, so I’m in LOVE with the beautiful suspended chords, minor chords, and 7th chords you add to your songs…makes them so much more interesting then the basic I IV V chord structure! I also really love your Parent Programs like the Sway-Rock and Relaxation Program.
— Michelle Nettle, MT-BC, Blossom & Bloom Music Therapy Services, LLC
LOVING UnitUS!!! So intuitive, collects all collateral info and perfect for a start-up music therapy practice. Their customer support is also so helpful. Worth every penny!!! 🙏 Thanks.
— Julie Garrison, Owner Compass Music Therapy
As a speech and language pathologist, I’ve always known the benefit of music therapy for my students. I’m amazed at how much is worked on, each session. MITM works on things like social referencing, joint attention, language skills and following direction, listening carefully, learning new concepts, learning new vocabulary & expressive language… the list just goes on!
Where I’ve noticed a huge improvement with my daughter is her ability to self regulate. She actually finds the activities that are best for her. Once she’s had that, you can see her whole body calming down and it gets her ready to learn. With MITM, there is a really good balance between supporting my daughter to choose what she needs but also getting her open to learning and doing other things.
— Stephanie Chamut, Speech and language pathologist and parent of child with Autism


How does it work?

Delivered through the UnitusTI electronic data records cloud. Access from any device, anywhere in the world.


The Meet In The Music© program is delivered via subscription to the UnitusTI electronic data records (EDR) cloud.  

Leading-edge data collection, staff and client management tools and program templates are built right into UnitusTI. 

  • See instant data and quickly graph progress to make informed decisions

  • Provide reports and share relevant data securely with others

  • Track staff performance and give them collaboration tools to keep your practice on track

  • Customizable data collection means you can track as much or as little as you need to keep business humming and your clients happy

UnitusTI capabilities include:

Assessments |   Programs   |   Curricula   |   Data Acquisition Types   |   Program Maintenance   |  Target Maintenance   |   Pre-defined Reports   |   Customizable Reports   |   Service Code Tracking   |   Graphing   |  Calendar   |   Internal Messaging   |   Document Storage   |   Session Tracking   |   Interactive Materials   |   Role-based Access   |   Multimedia   |   Automatic Backups   |  Billing Prep   |   Real-time Data Monitoring


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About the Author

Esther Thane, BMT, MTA, AVPT |  Creator of MITM | Executive Director of ET Music Therapy 

Esther has specialized for over 20 years in the field of Autism. She enjoyed 14 wonderful years on faculty at Capilano University, teaching in the Bachelor of Music Therapy Program. She frequently presents at conferences and holds workshops for universities, local agencies and abroad. Esther completed Dr. Diane Austin's (Music Psychotherapy Center, NY) first international distance training program in Advanced Vocal Psychotherapy. Her publication in the book: Voicework in Music Therapy  (Jessica Kingsley Publishers), focuses on her innovative method of Vocal-Led Relaxation for Children with Autism. Esther is Executive Director of ET Music Therapy in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the team serve over 80 families in two studio locations, in schools, and in centers, implementing the MITM program.  She was most recently on the Advisory Executive Council for the Women's Economic Forum (New Delhi, India, 2017).


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