Sorensensistem™ Reflexology Programs

for Autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis


“If we consider our skin like the messenger that connects the outside world with the brain, it should not surprise the great effect that massage has on our minds.”

Lone Sorensen, Creator of the Sorensesistem™, Founder and Director of the International Institute of Reflex Therapy


What are the Sorensensistem™ Reflexology programs?


  1. Dementia Senior Package
  2. Alzheimer’s Senior Package
  3. Parkinson’s Senior Package
  4. Reflexology Autism 
  5. Multiple Sclerosis

The Sorensensistem™ Reflexology programs have protocols for treating Autism, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis.  With each program comes an easy to follow informational template, a sequence of exercises to implement and video guides and diagrams.  

Researched programs, developed over 40 years, taught and practiced by Lone Sorensen, international lecturer and pioneer of the neuro reflex therapy system.


Who are the programs for?

  1. Schools of massage, reflexology, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic, Medical, Osteopathic, Kinesiology
  2. Retirement centers and community centers
  3. Caregivers of seniors and children with special needs such as autism
  4. Corporate wellness programs
  5. Spas
  6. Geriatric Care Professionals
  7. Body workers and medical professionals working with Multiple Sclerosis populations

Why should you use them?

Neuro-Reflex therapy is a combination of different techniques that work upon the nervous system, helping to regulate and normalize complete body and brain function. 

Neuro-Reflex therapy is a combination of basic zonal work, acupuncture points and neurological points. Working manually on certain points and zones produces a profound sense of relaxation while stimulating the blood flow and the entire nervous system. 

Lone Sorensen, creator and founder, has been working the fields of reflexology, acupuncture, kinesiology and neurology since 1978.  A respected world leader in her field, Lone has over 14.000 practitioners and followers of her system across more than 21 countries and speaks globally on the subject of neuroreflexology and brain function. 



How do the programs work?


Delivered through our innovative UnitusTI cloud software.  Access from any device, anywhere in the world.

The Sorensensistem™ Reflexology programs are delivered via subscription to the UnitusTI cloud. The therapy involves a process of assessment and the creation of an individual protocol specifically designed for the needs of the individual client.  With leading-edge data collection, staff and client management tools and the programs built right into UnitusTI, you can focus on the healing, anytime, anywhere. 

  • See instant data on your clients' progress and make informed decisions on their next steps
  • Provide reports and share relevant data securely with your staff and clients 
  • Track staff performance and give them collaboration tools to keep your practice on track
  • Customizable data collection means you can track as much or as little as you need to keep your practice humming and your clients happy
 Subscribe to UnitusTI, log in, load client data and begin working. Take data through any device or computer and share clients progress instantly with HIPAA/Ferpa friendly security.  

Subscribe to UnitusTI, log in, load client data and begin working. Take data through any device or computer and share clients progress instantly with HIPAA/Ferpa friendly security.  


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Creator of the Sorensensistem™ Reflexology Programs

Lone Sorensen, Founder, Sorensensistem™ Facial and Neuro Foot Reflex therapy, President of the Global Facial Network

Lone Sorensen is an educated therapist in reflexology, acupuncture, kinesiology and neurology. Lone has been working professionally in these fields since 1978. She began her work in Denmark and has since grown into France, Chile, Germany, Cuba and Spain. Lone has 10 years of experience working in Denmark, 13 in Argentina and since 2001 in Spain.

While practicing reflexology since 1978, Lone developed her method Sorensensistem™ Facial and Neuro Foot Reflex therapy, a methodology that combines Oriental medicinal therapies, acupuncture, primitive Aboriginal techniques, zone therapy and neuroanatomy.

Her concepts and methodology have been integrated into a research conducted at the Filadelfia Kurhuset State Rehabilitation Center of Denmark for patients with brain damage and dysfunction as of the year 2000. In March 2001, Lone was honored by the OMHS with three titles of nobility in Argentina; thus, making her the first reflexologist in the world to receive this distinction for her work with zone therapy and facial, hand and foot reflex therapy.

Lone Sorensen is the director of the International Institute of Facial Reflexology and has spent years dedicated to the teaching of reflexology in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, England, Japan, China, Australia, the US, Mexico, Argentina, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Poland and Spain, where she teaches in coordination with more than 50 instructors.

Lone has participated in several national and international conventions and is President of the Global Facial Network ( Sorensensistem™ Concept.  

Throughout the years, Lone Sorensen has developed the Facial Reflex therapy and Neuro Foot Reflex therapy Sorensensistem™, a modern variant of reflexology applied to the face and feet.

Facial Reflex therapy Sorensensistem™ was born in 1988. Its roots date back many centuries, as it is based on a wide variety of traditions and practices. This technique combines both ancient and modern therapies, as well as knowledge of anatomy and physiology, with the potential to balance the individual on all levels, that is, physically, psychologically and energetically.

Facial Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem™ combines Chinese energy meridians and acupuncture points, Vietnamese and South American body maps and modern science of neuroanatomy. This allows the therapist to identify imbalances in the patient’s health and provides the knowledge to begin the process of healing (delete: properties) using the body to balance all of these disciplines.

The International Institute of Neuro, Facial and Foot Reflex Therapy ( was founded in 1978 by Lone Sorensen. It is an institution with over 36 years of service in the education and application of reflexology, laser therapy and anatomy. The center is currently underway in more than 20 countries: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, England, Japan, China, Australia, the US, Mexico, Argentina, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Poland and Spain, where Lone teaches in coordination with more than 50 instructors. The Institute has more than 11,000 students world-wide. The Institute currently has three departments: Health, Rehabilitation and Aesthetics, all of which are based upon reflex therapy. Health: A natural treatment that is designed to assess the underlying causes of various physical ailments, as well as to treat the symptoms. Our health is influenced by our physical, hormonal and emotional state. Rehabilitation: Stimulation of the face, hands and feet accelerates the functioning of the body and helps improve natural processes. The International Institute has been applying this treatment very successfully in infants, children and adults with brain and nervous system disorders. Natural Aesthetics: Anti-aging treatments, such as Japanese Lifting, combined with soft natural minerals i.e. gold, silver and diamonds.