Mundo Pato Branding Guidelines

Welcome to Mundo Pato Inc.!  We appreciate your partnership and believe that we will do great things together.   Please use this short guide to assist you with utilizing the Mundo Pato Inc. or UnitusTI brand identity in your marketing media.  We’ve included a little background, some examples, and links to files you can download and use.


Our Logos

Our primary logos are the corporate logo and the logo for our UnitusTI cloud service.  You may use whichever logo is appropriate for your needs.  Click on either image below to access our Dropbox folder with a variety of formats.  

Click to go to the download page

Click to go to the download page


Our corporate logo: Color spectrum and Pato (the little duck that overcomes all obstacles) 

Our core business began as an answer to the extreme need for special education cloud tools for autism therapy. Our little duck, Pato - with his suction cup feet that can climb over any obstacle - represents to us the determination and resourcefulness of the special needs educational community. The spectrum of colors in our logo speaks to not only our original commitment to provide tools and resources to those who work on the autism spectrum, but the diverse population of providers and educators within special education - Autism therapy, Classrooms, Integrative Medicine, Yoga Therapy, and more - whom we now are proud to serve.  

Click to go to the download page

Click to go to the download page


Our UnitusTI logo.  

UnitusTI is our core Electronic Data Records cloud service, developed for over a decade by field and technology experts.  The colorful data points at the top of the logo are connected into a manageable array, indicating the primary function of UnitusTI in collecting and managing data.  The color spectrum mirrors our corporate logo and signifies the multitude of disciplines that are united by our cloud services.  


Logo Best Practices

The ideal background for both our logos is on white.  You may use the logos against a color background only if it's fairly light and the logo is well contrasted and extremely legible.  See some examples below of what to do and what not to do.  Download our logos here.

Best on white!

Best on white!

Not a good background

Not a good background

Best not to use a background color that is already in the logo.

Best not to use a background color that is already in the logo.

Not ideal, but when a black or other dark background is necessary, the subtext should be changed to white.

Not ideal, but when a black or other dark background is necessary, the subtext should be changed to white.


Please do not change the color of the logo itself, the colors are very specific.  Please do not change the order of the logo and subtext or redefine the spacing of any element.  

Click here to

Do feel free to use the pato (duck) alone, but only if the original logo has been used at least once to ensure that correct branding has been established.  The pato by itself can be found along with the other logos here.


Our Colors

Our color spectrum represents not only our origin in the autism spectrum, but the wider spectrum of industries we have grown to serve.  Born of special needs, what we have learned is that designing services around a community that inherently thinks outside the box brings an unprecedented level of clarity and order to our services.

Our color spectrum is an integral part of who we are and where we come from.  The spectrum of colors found in both our logos speaks to our beginnings in the autism community as well as where we are today.  Many of us at Mundo Pato came from therapy practices that embraced the autism spectrum.  Quickly, though, we realized the potential of Mundo Pato and Unitus Therapy Intelligence (UnitusTI) to make a difference in a whole spectrum of industries and professions that provide services to the general community.  Currently, UnitusTI serves clients in six countries, across industries such as Occupational Therapy, ABA Therapy, Music Therapy, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior Management, school districts, Yoga, Integrative Medicine, and more.  There is no field that does not benefit from collecting, managing and collaborating on data from all types of clients.

Here is a little clarity on the colors that we feel convey our wide spectrum, open hearted and well grounded approach:


RGB: R220  G31  B39

Hex:     DC1F27

CMYK:  C8  M100  Y98  K1


RGB: R140  G192  B63

Hex:     8CC03F

CMYK:  C51  M4  Y100  K0


RGB: R64  G187  B235

Hex:     40BBEB

CMYK:  C63 M7  Y0  K0


RGB: R235  G229  B29

Hex:     EBE51D

CMYK:  C11  M2  Y97  K0


Our Typeface

The typeface in our logo and throughout our website is Open Sans and Open Sans Light.  The Open Sans font family is a free to use font with clean lines and a friendly, usable feel.  You can download the Open Sans font here and read more about it here.


Landing Pages

When you contract with Mundo Pato to publish a Program, both you and Mundo Pato need to create a web page on our respective websites that introduces the Program to the public.  


Landing Page on

  1. Mundo Pato uses a standard format for our program landing pages (see example) that includes the program details, program author information and a link to your site.

  2. Mundo Pato will email you a Google Form questionnaire to gather the content we need for our landing page.

  3. You will have the opportunity to review our landing page and make corrections, suggestions and even provide us with further content at any time it becomes available.


Landing Page on Your Website

The design and content of the landing page you create on your own site is completely at your discretion, it just needs to include at least the basic information below:

  1. Information about the program availability on UnitusTI (information about UnitusTI can found here)

  2. Our logo

  3. A link to our site

  4. A link to book a demo with our sales staff: (this link can be added however you prefer, eg. as a button or other object).


"Book a Demo" Link

When you create a new program or curriculum with UnitusTI, you can let the public know how to get a personal demo by offering this link: This is also the link you will add to your own website.



All versions of our logos can be found here.  PNG is the recommended format as it uses a transparent background.  Also included are the Adobe Illustrator .ai source files for use in recreating the size or format you may need.


Questions?  Please contact our Content Department with any further needs.