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The challenge of creating, maintaining and certifying materials for education and therapy can be daunting. Educators and therapists spend considerable time, effort and money creating physical materials that are difficult to share and require manual setup. At Mundo Pato we believe that when the going gets tough it is best to automate. 


Features you need.

Let your clients enjoy a fun, digital learning environment while you seamlessly collect data and create progress reports


  • Eco-friendly: No more pencils, paper, card stock or printers needed, everything is digital.

  • Take data from anywhere: Learners access Materials online from home, the classroom, at Grandma's, while on vacation or in your center.

  • Connect clients and data: Collected data is automatically associated with individual profiles with role-based security access, so you control who sees it.

  • Reporting and charting are a breeze: Data is instantly recorded and available to create charts and reports. A client can complete a Material at home and your staff can produce a report from your office, immediately!

  • Secure data environment: Collect data using role-based client access in a secure web application architecture.


See some samples of our Materials: