UNITUS TI Therapy Intelligence Data Management System and Curriculum Server


Therapy Intelligence Data Management System and Curriculum Server


You are proud of your educational practice.  Your blood, sweat and desire to excel has made your practice what it is today.  We get that!  We are made up of practicing therapists, educators and researchers whose desire to change the lives of our clients has shaped everything we do.  With UnitusTI's robust set of tools, your personal stamp is never lost, just streamlined.  With ready made tools and customizable features, your original vision is given a chance to take off.  Start a new practice off right with one of our expertly designed programs or deploy the curriculum that you crafted with love and care, then see how UnitusTI supports and enhances it with tools to easily track results, maintain milestones, manage your staff and client data, make appointments and carry out all the distracting but necessary administrative functions in a practical, pleasant way.


What is UnitusTI?

Unitus Therapy Intelligence (UnitusTI) is an electronic data records management system and curriculum server that allows educators and therapists the ability to: 

  • Create & Customize assessments and curricula
  • Manage Data Acquisition, Graphs and Reporting 
  • Professionalize your practice
  • Automate administrative functions, program execution, data analysis and tracking
  • Standardize staff operations and communications
  • Communicate instantly with parents and providers
  • Secure client records and control access to client information
  • Access pre-defined, ready to run curriculum solutions
  • Disaster Recovery backups and recovery program at the ready
  • Global Access increases the reach of your practice to anywhere, day or night

The Internet is the new front door to your practice, Unitus therapy Intelligence makes it easy to start collecting, analyzing and sharing data with your staff and clients today.


Create your own curriculum in UnitusTI, or choose a pre-loaded one:

Load your own program data into the unique UnitusTI learning environment or select one of our pre-installed, expertly designed, tried and true curricula or program:


A.S.C.E.N.D. is a BCBA designed, fully functional, out of the box curriculum for use in ABA therapy centers.  The "Advanced Systematic Curriculum for Early Neural Development" curriculum is the new standard of excellence for the ABA practitioner, the complete solution for teaching productively, automating your center and communicating a learner's progress to the educators, caregivers and therapists that need to know.

The Engage curriculum is a comprehensive, out of the box solution for instructors looking to take small group special education to the next level.  Practitioners will find easy to use, step by step goals and specific activities designed to create a cohesive community of learners and allow them to engage authentically and productively with the world around them.

Meet in the Music (MITM) is a fully functional, out of the box, customizable curriculum for use in your music therapy practice.  It includes a wide scope and sequence of skill sets across many domains and built-in program templates. The Meet in the Music curriculum is for any music therapist in an organization or private practice using music to connect with children who have autism or other special education needs.

The Verbal Behavior Curriculum is a comprehensive solution for speech and language practitioners. Validated by over 30 years of fieldwork and research, the VBC was created by experts in the field to offer an in-depth yet easy to follow scope and sequence method for speech therapy.  The curriculum is based solidly on the common core curriculum and directly tied to standard verbal behavior assessment tools such as VB-MAPP and the ABLLS-R.

The UnitusTI software has made my therapy work life about a thousand times better. It’s time consuming on the front end to enter activities and create programs for each client, but once that’s done, charting is SO FAST. I’m never ever scrambling for hours to get it all done. And now it’s generating data that I can track and share, AND it makes planning for future sessions so much easier. This is a huge game changer for me and I love it. Thank you for making it happen!
— Sara Longwell, Metro Music Makers

Who is it for?

  • Education
  • Treatment
  • Curriculum and Program Builders
  • IEP
  • Human Resources
  • Music Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Environmental Wellness
  • Pilates

How does it work?

UnitusTI is hosted securely in the cloud, which means you subscribe, log in, load your center/school data, client and staff information, create your reports and templates, create your own curriculum or program or add a pre-loaded one for a variety of educational needs.

To get started with a subscription, book a demo now:  

Log in After subscribing, you can log in securely from anywhere via your phone, tablet or computer

Log in

After subscribing, you can log in securely from anywhere via your phone, tablet or computer

Load Enter center or school data, staff, client info


Enter center or school data, staff, client info

Customize Create reports, templates and curricula, or use pre-defined ones


Create reports, templates and curricula, or use pre-defined ones

Go! Start seeing the progress of your practice and clients immediately!


Start seeing the progress of your practice and clients immediately!


Why should you use it?


The most important question when treating persons with Special Needs and Autism is: “Are we making progress?” The best way to find the answer to this pressing question is to ensure that the curricula and programs being executed are valid for the client and producing accurate results. With today’s technologies, monitoring data acquisition, analysis, depuration, reporting and measuring results has become a real time reality. Mundo Pato tools give therapists and educators genuine insight into the mountains of data collected by allowing for the proper harvesting of that data so as to reach meaningful conclusions that will make a difference in a child’s life. Better yet, provide the information of a learner's progress to parents, caregivers and other providers and customize appropriate levels of access and information sharing.

  • Create, customize and execute your own curricula and programs
  • Implement field proven, out of the box curricula and programs
  • Enhanced HIPAA (USA) or HIPA (Canada) compliance
  • Highly customizable and easy to use
  • Lower your IT Infrastructure and support needs
  • Go green with electronic forms, reports, and client records
  • Access client records globally, day or night
  • Provide reports to parents and caregivers anytime, instantly
  • Increase time spent with clients by reducing administrative time via process automation  
  • Decrease errors by capturing and processing the data real time
  • Monitor practice, staff, curricula results  
  • Automatic mastery with individualized criteria
  • Lower operational costs through process standardization
  • Communicate with parents, at their convenience, online
  • Encrypted client information
  • Alarm notification of medication and health changes in a client
  • Manage your practice from anywhere  
Overall, the (UnitusTI) launch went well and despite the learning curve, it has reduced work load for us and especially our therapists at the end of their day. We are very excited about where it will take us in the future.
— Hakeem Hasan MA, BCBA

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